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how to survive & thrive in a toxic work environment

A toxic work environment happens because it’s created. Sometimes it’s because company culture is neglected. I used the analogy of an unattended aquarium recently. Sure, for a time, life may survive. But it will never thrive. Whatever does live in the murky waters will most definitely stink and...


how to be the best leader

The topic of leadership is one that I am crazy passionate about. It’s a topic I've studied, read many books about and lived as a team leader and company executive. It's my favorite subject because it’s one that I believe changes people and changes businesses. Now there's many nuances to...


how to make a difficult boss your biggest fan

Back when I worked in retail, every day we were challenged to "make your day". We checked sales hourly and recorded it on a tracking sheet which already had the hourly sales on it from the same day last year. If we were running ahead, yay! If we were running behind, then we would put a...