Market Yourself To Get The Job

Struggling with doubt and confusion about how to sell yourself? Replace it with the confidence, clarity and message you need to get hired, promoted or create your own role.

Inside the Course

  • 7 easy to digest course videos (25 minutes total time)
  • 20-page workbook full of exercises to uncover your awesomeness
  • BONUS video and interview questions YOU ask to market yourself
  • Game plan for creating belief that's contagious

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how to market yourself to get the job

Everything you need to stand out from the crowd.

Your definitive guide for creating the confidence, clarity and the marketing message you need to get hired, promoted or create your own role.


all access + coaching session + workplace strengths assessment

comprehensive workplace + professional dynamics report

Coming up with the words you need to market yourself is hard. Having a voice outside yourself to help you identify your key behavioral strengths and skills can make all the difference. You'll get a 15+ page workplace strengths assessment and 90 minutes of coaching to help you understand and apply it to your career.